PortNumbers Repo (PNR) tool

PortNumbers Repo (PNR) is a simple application that list the 1024 well-known port numbers,
the well-known ports are assigned by the [ IANA ],
and on most systems can only be used by system,
root processes or by programs executed by privileged users .

It can help System Administrators , Network Engineers , Network Administrators and Penetration Testers in their work .

Ref :


Notice : You have to download JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to run PNR

as its written with Java !


Watch this video to see how to use the tool


This tool is Developed by my friend

Mahmoud Gamal (Java Developer)

Contact: jfalcon.cs@gmail.com

My dear friend , he is a straight guy ,  professional in coding ,

let him code  and just watch him wondering you !  that’s why he is the BEST 😀

* * * * *

Logo and banner Designed by my friend

Mahmoud Metwally (freelancer web and 2D Designer)

Contact: http://www.mahmoudmetwally.com/

Metoo , My sweet friend , he is very sensitive you can see that in his Designs ,

Awesome guy with a bright  Technical Future .


Thank you My Friends 😀


All Rights Reserved to ciscawy blog

for any Question , send it to



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13 Responses to “PortNumbers Repo (PNR) tool”

  1. Ahmad Aabed Says:

    simple great idea

  2. Mahmoud Metwally Says:

    GOOD WORK my friends 🙂
    And thanks for ur words , i like this logo as it took just 3:5 min SO SIMPLE SO FAST 😀

    Go ahead my good boy 😀

  3. Tawfeek Yahia Says:

    Good Work, Men 😀

    Go On

    Congratulations SulTan, FalCon, Metoo 😀

  4. osama Says:

    VeRy GoOd , Sho3’L Ra2E3

    RbNa M3AkO

  5. Ahmed Samir Says:

    good work, i like it 🙂

  6. rockwell sonicrafter Says:

    Excellent posting. Can’t wait to read more articles about this subject.

  7. Ralph Says:

    well executed and straight-forward. make this for android phones.

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