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How to run Putty Connection Manager with GNS3 ?

September 21, 2010

1- Download GNS3 , PuTTY and PuTTY Connection manager .

2- Open Putty Connection Manager .

3- Map putty.exe by selecting Tools–>Options–>Putty

4- Download PuttyCM ‘s Database from here

5- Now , you need to map default session database loaded at startup by selecting Tools–>Options–>Database , This Database file will help you  to take console of 8 Devices in GNS3.

6- Make this database file as Default Database file by selecting Database –> Set as Default.

7- Now , close the PuTTy Connection Manager and start GNS3.

8- In GNS3, we need to make below settings:-

General –> Terminal Settings –> preconfigured terminal commands –> telnet(windows)
General –> Terminal Settings –> terminal command –> start C:\puttycm.exe
Check the tick at launch this command using the default shell.

9- You are now able to access devices in tabbed mode in PuTTY Connection Manager.